There are a lot of things to consider when preparing for a construction project. What material will you use? Which company will provide the services? How long will the project take? How much will the project cost? SSG Shotcrete performs shotcrete installation because we considered all of these questions and more from a home/facility owner’s perspective. We found that shotcrete is a superior process for a wide variety of projects, such as basement stabilization, dam repairs and concrete installation. Shotcrete is a stronger, more reliable and less expensive process than any other in the field of construction. Why? We’ve detailed a few of the key benefits of shotcrete in this blog. 


Shotcrete can be installed vertically or overhead with no form work.


Faster installation due to less form work, as much as 2-3 times faster.


More accurate installation because there is no liquid concrete weight to budge the forms.


Better concrete wall finishes, form and pour rely on forms or form liners, shotcrete and put any type of flat work finish on a wall.


Cost effective, shotcrete is typically less expensive or at least the same price as the alternative with a faster completion time.

Less Hassle

Shotcrete requires zero repair work after form removal.


Higher strengths, compaction is a by product of the application and compaction adds strength. Normal concrete mixes can hit over 6000 PSI regularly and with some modification we have achieved strengths as high as 12,000 PSI.

Says Who?

We understand that you may need to perform a lot more research. Shotcrete can often sound too good to be true. Please contact us with any direct questions or to schedule a call with one of our shotcrete experts to evaluate your project. If you’d like to learn about shotcrete as a process, please visit the American Shotcrete Association