About Us

SSG Shotcrete started out within South Shore Gunite (SSG) Pools.


SSG pools started doing dry mix shotcrete by shooting their swimming pool projects in 1998.  SSG was part of the first American Concrete Institute’s (ACI) nozzlemen certification course.  Throughout the years, SSG would occasionally do a small concrete repair or stabilization project. In 2009, SSG started doing a little bit more work here and there. In 2011, SSG got into wet mix shotcrete and started SSG shotcrete.  SSG shotcrete started promoting non pool shotcrete work in 2012.  Since 2012 SSG has participated in soil nail walls, concrete repair, sea walls, shear walls and general concrete work.  SSG can self-perform all aspects of shotcrete work including forming, rebar, preparation, drilling, pinning and the shotcrete.  SSG has ACI certified nozzlemen in both wet and dry mix shotcrete processes.  With the ability to work in both wet mix and dry mix, SSG can accommodate any shotcrete project the right way.

shotcrete wall project