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At SSG Shotcrete, we have reinvented the shotcrete building process. We refuse to outsource a single phase of construction on our projects. Serving all of New England, we are a Massachusetts shotcrete provider offering building and maintenance services in residential, commercial, and government sectors. On an average day, we dispatch 180 employees and 80 trucks. And in total we have over 120 trucks and pieces of heavy equipment to make your dreams a reality.

From our humble beginnings in 1975, our company has grown exponentially. Our structural integrity practices and experienced staff have been setting the standard for shotcrete application for decades. Our headquarters is in North Billerica, but our demand has allowed us to build consistently throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island. For large-scale projects, we’ve even visited New York, New jersey and Connecticut. Being a Massachusetts shotcrete provider, we travel to a variety of nearby states in the northeast.

SSG Shotcrete has been serving New England and setting the construction standard for shotcrete since 1975.

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About us at SSG Shotcrete

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Shotcrete offers flexible installation, allowing for horizontal, vertical, or overhead application in nearly any shape or contour with minimal form work. Its quick installation process can result in faster construction, often 2-3 times quicker than traditional concrete methods due to the reduced need for forms. Additionally, shotcrete boasts exceptional durability, achieving higher structural strengths as a byproduct of its pneumatic application. Standard in-house mixes routinely reach 6000 PSI, and with the incorporation of chemical additives, strengths can soar to 12,000 PSI.


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