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SSG Shotcrete provides high quality, efficient services for any construction setting.

Our team is the most experienced of any shotcrete company in the northeast.

SSG Shotcrete is the only company in New England capable of getting a payment and performance bond. 


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Reliable Commercial Facility Shotcrete Services

SSG shotcrete has ACI certified nozzlemen in both wet mix and dry mix shotcrete processes and has the necessary experience to perform high quality shotcrete in any setting.  We own all of our own equipment and operate multiple crews.

All of our shotcrete work is considered structural concrete construction and meets and exceeds design strength and performance. End result tolerances can be within 1/8 over the span of an Olympic sized pool with the use of high tensile guide wires and pencil rod. This accuracy coupled with the offering of any style of surface finish sets shotcrete apart from conventional form-and-pour concrete.

Featured Project: Allston Yards

“South Shore Gunite did a great job on the shotcrete wall installed at Allston Yards. The workers, led by Dan Randall, progressed in an orderly fashion, were professional, kept the areas clean at the end of each day, and above all, focused on the quality of the product.”

– Jeff DAttilio, Senior Project Manager, Dimeo Construction Company


Notice The Before And After Difference Of Shotcrete

shotcrete time lapse project
before and after of shotcrete project

Our Services


Our History

  • Established in 1975
  • ACI Certified Nozzlemen
  • ASA Board Members

Benefits You'll See

  • More accurate installation
  • Varied finish surface styles
  • Professional communication


  • Existing Structure Repairs
  • New Construction
  • Design Consultations

What You Can Expect From Us

Flexible Installation

Shotcrete can be installed horizontally, vertically or overhead in nearly any shape or contour with minimal form work.

Quick Installation

Faster construction is possible with less forms to set and remove, often 2-3 times quicker than alternative concrete installation processes


Higher structural strengths are achieved as a byproduct of the pneumatic application. Standard in-house shotcrete mixes routinely reach 6000 PSI. The incorporation of chemical additives can yield strengths as high as 12,000 PSI.


SSG has been performing shotcrete services and following best practices since 1980. Starting with swimming pools, we have found that shotcrete has infinite ways to improve construction projects.

Shotcrete Services

Retaining Walls

Structural Concrete Repair

Basement Stabilization

General Concrete Repair

Shear Walls

Water Waste Treatment Plants

Structural Masonry

Structural Sound Deadening

Architectural Finishes

Our Pricing

Every shotcrete project is priced differently. In our experience, we have found that shotcrete is either less expensive or competitive with conventional forming and pouring. Shotcrete is also a less time-consuming process and we know that for our clients, time equates to money.

Happy Customers

“Working with SSG Shotcrete was excellent in all aspects. The job they did was a first of its kind, had very demanding conditions, and required extremely tight tolerances.

SSG Shotcrete provided an alternative design and methodology which is working very well. There is no doubt that SSG Shotcrete is a phenomenal company at all levels. We very much look forwards to the next project we do with them.”

Sean Dougherty | Lowell Waste Water Treament Plant

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