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Retaining Walls

Soil retention can be used in numerous applications; leveling a lawn, securing a work area, carving out a space for a building to be constructed, etc. Whatever the desired result may be, utilizing shotcrete to create a retaining wall has several benefits. Expeditious installation yields a lower cost than traditional form-and-pour. Shotcrete can achieve structural ratings well in excess of traditional concrete pours. Lastly, the exposed shotcrete surface allows for any finish style or texture, opening the possibility for a retaining wall to be both purposeful and visually appealing.


Basement Stabilization

Homes in New England constructed prior to the early 1900’s often utilized locally accessible materials like fieldstone, granite, or stacked slate to create foundation walls. These types of walls are liable to shift, leak and deteriorate over time. The addition of an epoxied rebar and shotcrete layer above the existing interior wall surface will add rigidity, stability and negate any leaking. Since this application is strictly on the interior of the basement, the historical aesthetic on the exterior of the home will remain true.



Architectural Forming & Finishing

Not relying on two-sided forms allows shotcrete finishers to work the concrete into a selection of various finish styles while the material is still malleable. From a simple cut finish to a glass-like steel trowel finish, any texture or style can be achieved to meet the customers needs. Single-sided forming can also be utilized as a method to achieve the look of rough-hewn planks.



Shear Walls

In the event that an existing building needs to sustain a larger structural load, shotcrete shear walls can be installed. Whether installation is on the interior or exterior of a building, the incorporation of shear walls will not just provide the required structural capacity but also improved insulation and sound deadening.



Water Treatment Plant Repair

In an instance where unique, compound shapes and curves are necessary shotcrete is a superior solution to previous techniques. With the ability to match any requested profile and dimension with superior structural integrity, water handling stations can benefit from the more permanent solution to repairs that shotcrete offers. Much like dams, bridges and spillways this facet of our local infrastructure is often in need of repair which can be well executed with a pneumatic concrete application.



Structural Sound Deadening

If structural sound absorption is necessary for a performance hall, studio or theater a roughly finished shotcrete application serves as a unique dual-purpose application. Acoustically friendly shapes and profiles can be achieved to further improve the end experience.



Spillway Repair

Much like with dam repair, spillway repair is a necessary endeavor with the degradation of decades old infrastructure. The original spillway shape and function can be retained while any structural shortcomings are mitigated.



Structural Masonry Stabilization

When concrete block or brick structures begin to shift, crack or crumble shotcrete can be employed as a structural solution, averting the need for costly demolition and reconstruction. With the use of drilled and epoxied rebar, wire mesh, and approved shotcrete techniques a failing structural masonry wall can be salvaged and strengthened.



Tank Construction

In an instance where a sub-grade cast concrete tank has fallen into disrepair but cannot be removed, shotcrete reinforcement can be the best solution. The introduction of a new interior layer of shotcrete supplemented with rebar (drilled and epoxied into the existing tank walls) allows the deteriorating tank to stay in place. The tank is therefore salvaged and strengthened while sustaining its original function without costly removal and reinstallation costs.



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